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|publisher =  Microsoft Game Studios
|publisher =  Microsoft Game Studios
|released = 3, Oct 2007 (USA)
|released = 3, Oct 2007 (USA)
|platform = Xbox LIVE Arcade
|platform = Xbox 360
|preview = 6
|preview = 6
|playfield = 10x20
|playfield = 10x20
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[[Category:Games List]]
[[Category:Games List]]
[[Category:Xbox 360 games]]

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Tetris Splash
Developer(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Publisher(s)Microsoft Game Studios
Platform(s)Xbox 360
Release3, Oct 2007 (USA)
Gameplay info
Next pieces6
Playfield size10x20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS

Tetris Splash was released to the Xbox LIVE Arcade as a paid download. It supports up to 6 players over the Xbox LIVE system or 4 players on a single Xbox 360.

Tetris Splash broke the trend of slow DAS guideline games by setting approximately 10 DAS at 1/2G, and a line clear of approximately 12 frames. While not so fast by speed runners' standards, this move significantly changed the gameplay, allowing for much faster multiplayer. The game recognizes T-Spin: 3-corner no kick and the same combo system as TOJ[1]


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