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Tetris® Royale
Tetris Royale logo.png
Logo for Tetris Royale
Platform(s)iOS, Android
March 25, 2019
Latest release0.13.1 / May 19, 2020
Gameplay info
Next pieces3
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Royale title.png
Tetris Royale ingame.png

Tetris Royale is a battle royale game published by N3TWORK for mobile phones globally excluding China.[1] The game was soft launched as a beta in the New Zealand region on March 25, 2019. It was delisted a year later as N3TWORK merged the game with its regular Tetris app.

The game has had various hosts, including Millen Baird, Maudie Garrett, and Jeff Cannata. They appear in daily game show style videos discussing the game, upcoming events, top players, and also appear during Primetime.



Tetris Royale’s main gamemode called Royale has up to 100 players simultaneously competing for the #1 spot. There are no versus mechanics, each player simultaneously plays endless marathon, and the last one standing is the winner. Once a player wins, the board clears and they can keep playing to increase their score for the daily score tournaments.

The level increases every 30 seconds until it reaches level 15.


Primetime is a nightly tournament. The tournament starts at 7:30 PM New Zealand time, players have 5 minutes to join the ingame lobby to participate. Unlike Royale mode, Primetime isn't restricted to just 100 players, and potentially thousands can compete simultaneously.

The tournament is comprised of timed rounds. Each round has a score goal, but only survival is required to pass. If a player reaches the score goal, they enter a Frenzy Time mode—signified by a glowing rainbow frame around the playfield—which gives the player a 2x score multiplier until the end of the round. If the player does not reach the score goal, garbage is added to their playfield. The amount is based on the player's score at the end of the round. Topping out is the only way to be eliminated. The last round adds unclearable garbage if the player did not reach the score goal. Finishing the final round allows the player to appear on the leaderboard at the end with all other winners, and are ranked by their final score.

Each night has different round configurations, with varying lengths, score goals, and speed levels, which can change scoring potential.

Solo Marathon

An endless Marathon mode played outside of the Royale Tournament. Levels increase every 10 line clears, and go up to level 15.


The game soft launched in in New Zealand on Google Play and Apple App Store on March 25, 2019. It appeared with the old Roger Dean logo for its branding. On June 28, 2019, an official announcement was made with that the game was in development, with promotions using the new official Tetris logo.[2] Many websites mistakenly reported that a beta period would start later that year, but it had already started months before.

It is the second Tetris battle royale game after Tetris 99, however the CEO of N3TWORK claims that Tetris 99 was released before they could announce Tetris Royale.[3]

On December 20, 2019, a new update was released featuring the new Primetime mode. It also included two new themes based on New Zealand.

Starting on March 12, 2020, New Zealand users over the age of 18 can win money playing in Primetime events.

On March 28, 2020, the game was renamed to just "Tetris" without the Royale.

On July 1, 2020, the Tetris Royale app has been discontinued, and all of its modes have been merged into the main Tetris app released worldwide on version 2.0.0.


Seven themes are available to choose from. Some themes feature unique music, changing backgrounds, sound effects, and animations.

Neon Future
Shooting Stars
Auckland Proud
Cook’s Ascent


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