Tetris Plus 2

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Tetris Plus 2
Tetris Plus 2 flyer.jpg
Japanese arcade flyer
  • JP: September 1997
PredecessorTetris Plus
Gameplay info
Next pieces2
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Rotation systemSega rotation with wall kick, similar to Sega Tetris
Tetris Plus 2 title.png
Tetris Plus 2 Puzzle.png

Tetris Plus 2 is an arcade game by Jaleco and the sequel to Tetris Plus. It features endless, puzzle, and versus modes.

On November 1st, 2019, it was re-released on the AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade, and updated Legends Flashback.



Endless Mode

Endless Mode is divided into chapters. To clear a chapter, the player must either complete the background picture by making clears of 2 lines or more, or collect all the letters by clearing corresponding pieces in a single line clear.

There are three difficulty settings:

  • Easy - Start at level 0 and play up to chapter 4.
  • Normal - Start at level 10.
  • Hard - Start at level 30.

Puzzle Mode

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Versus Mode

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At least five revisions of the game exist.

  • Jaleco Mega System 32 (v1.0)

    Unlike the revisions below, this revision has sprite scaling, transparency, and other graphical effects that improve the look of the game

  • Jaleco PCB - Japanese (v2.1, v2.2)

    It may not be possible to set this version to free play, and some have said the game crashes if set to English.

    Can not enter test mode

    Does not use EEPROM for saving high scores.

  • Jaleco PCB - World (v2.7, v2.8)

    Same hardware as Japanese versions

    Test mode is accessible, and both Japanese and English can be selected.

    Uses EEPROM, and high scores are saved.

Physical scans

Jaleco Mega System 32, JP
Tetris Plus 2 arcade ROM.jpg

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