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Tetris Party
Tetris Party Deluxe boxart.jpg
Developer(s)Hudson Soft
Tetris Online, Inc.
Publisher(s)Tetris Online, Inc., Majesco, Hudson Soft, Nintendo
Platform(s)WiiWare, DSiWare, Nintendo DS, Wii
ReleaseTetris Party
  • JP: October 14, 2008
  • NA: October 20, 2008
  • PAL: October 24, 2008
Tetris Party Deluxe
  • NA: May 25, 2010
  • JP: August 5, 2010
  • EU: September 3, 2010
  • AU: October 14, 2010
Tetris Party Live
  • NA: November 22, 2010
  • PAL: December 3, 2010
Gameplay info
Next pieces5-6 (default)
3 (4-player VS modes)
Playfield size10 × 20 (primary)
5 × 10 (secondary)
Hold pieceYes
(not available in Balance Board modes; replaced with Skip in Shadow)
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Party
Tetris Party title.png
Tetris Party ingame.jpg
Tetris Party Deluxe (Wii)
Tetris Party Deluxe title.png
Tetris Party Deluxe ingame.png
Tetris Party Deluxe (Nintendo DS)
Tetris Party Deluxe DS title.png
Tetris Party Deluxe DS ingame.png

Tetris Party is a series of official Tetris games developed by Hudson Soft. The first game of this series, simply named Tetris Party, was released for WiiWare in 2008. An expanded physical release for the Nintendo DS and Wii, named Tetris Party Deluxe, and a DSiWare release, named Tetris Party Live, were released in 2010.


Tetris Party features standard Guideline rules of gameplay.


Single Player

  • Marathon — Standard fixed-goal mode. Clear at least 150 lines to complete the mode or play endlessly.
  • Computer Battle — Fight off the CPU opponent in a standard versus game with garbage line attack.
  • Field Climber — A small character appears in the playfield. The goal is to help the character climb to the top of the playfield by using pieces to create stairs. If the character gets crushed by a dropped piece, the game ends. An endless option, Everest, is also toggleable. Available in Multiplayer.
  • Shadow — Fill a design in the playfield using polyominoes. The player can skip a current piece up to 10 times during a stage. Available in Multiplayer.
  • Stage Racer — Guide the piece to the bottom of a 400-line obstacle course within the playfield without it touching the top. Ten courses, two for each piece type (except I and O), are available; an endless option, Abyss, is also toggleable. Available in Multiplayer.
  • Sprint (Deluxe only) — 40-lines time attack mode. Available in Multiplayer.
  • Master (Deluxe only) — 150-line Marathon with 20G gravity and decreasing lock delay values per level. Endless option is also toggleable.
  • Bombliss (Deluxe only) — Use bombs within pieces to clear lines in the playfield. 30 stages are available.
  • Beginner's Tetris — The following modes use a combination of dominoes and triminoes (plus the standard O tetromino, as well as the I and T tetrominoes if Normal is toggled on):
    • Beginner's Marathon — Clear up to 150 lines to complete the mode or play endlessly.
    • All Clear Sprint — Make 20 Perfect Clears in the fastest time possible.
  • Wii Balance Board Modes — Using mechanics from Beginner's Tetris, the following modes are played using a Wii Balance Board:
    • Balance Marathon — Clear at least 150 lines to complete the mode.
    • Balance Ultra — Score as many points as possible in a 3-minute time limit.
    • Balance Computer Battle — Versus mode.


  • VS Battle — Standard versus mode. Up to 4 players can compete in a round; Items and Auto Handicap are also available. Online matches are handled via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • VS Hot Lines — First player to clear the highlighted rows in their playfield wins.
  • Duel Spaces — Each player takes turns dropping pieces in a shared playfield to enclose color-coded spaces. The player with the most area covered wins.
  • Co-op — Two players must clear lines in a shared playfield. VS mode is also available.

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