Tetris MicroCard

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Tetris MicroCard
Tetris MicroCard.jpg
Platform(s)Dedicated handheld
Release22 March 2017
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris MicroCard title.jpg
Tetris MicroCard ingame.jpg

Tetris MicroCard is a credit card sized handheld Tetris game based on the Arduboy. Unlike the Arduboy, neither the hardware or software is open source.


There is one game mode, a basic endless Marathon style game. The player can start on any level between 1 and 15.


Tetris MicroCard follows guideline scoring for the most part, with the exception of combos.

Scores over 10 million are saved and ordered on the local leaderboard correctly, but do not display the most significant digit.

Score Table from the Tetris MicroCard instructions
Action Score Description
Single Line Clear 100 Points x Level 1 Row of Blocks is Cleared
Double Line Clear 300 Points x Level 2 Rows of Blocks are Cleared
Triple Line Clear 500 Points x Level 3 Rows of Blocks are Cleared
Tetris™ Line Clear 800 Points x Level 4 Rows of Blocks are Cleared
Mini T-Spin 100 Points x Level An easier T-Spin with no Line Clear
Mini T-Spin Single 200 Points x Level An easier T-Spin with 1 Line Clear
T-Spin 400 Points x Level T-Tetrimino is spun into a T-slot with no Line Clear
T-Spin Single 800 Points x Level T-Spin simultaneously clearing 1 Line
T-Spin Double 1200 Points x Level T-Spin simultaneously clearing 2 Lines
T-Spin Triple 1600 Points x Level T-Spin simultaneously clearing 3 Lines
Back to back Tetris™ Line Clear 1200 Points x Level Two Tetris™ Line Clears that are performed before a Single, Double, or Triple Line Clear occurs
Soft Drop 1 Points per Row Tetrimino drops at an accelerated rate
Hard Drop 2 Points per Row Tetrimino instantly drops and locks down

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