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|platform = Dedicated device<br />Windows
|platform = Dedicated device<br />Windows
|preview = 1
|preview = 1
|playfield = 8w &times; 12h
|playfield = 8 &times; 12
|hold = No
|hold = No
|hard = No
|hard = No

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Physical device boxart

Tetris Jr.
Blue Planet Software
Platform(s)Dedicated device
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size8 × 12
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Tetris Jr title.png
Tetris Jr ingame.png

Tetris Jr. is a keychain Tetris game. It was also released for Windows as the first shareware version of Tetris. The Windows version is skinned to look like the keychain device.


One rotation direction.


The manual of Tetris Jr. describes eight modes.

Game 1 and Game 5

Special blinking pieces are present, similar to some of the blocks from Bloxeed. They can add or remove blocks until they lock.

I tromino, vertically oriented
Press rotate to drop a single block below the piece.
Domino, vertically oriented
Press rotate to remove a single block below the piece.
Single block
Press rotate to drop a single block below the piece. This piece also has deep drop, meaning it passes through layers of blocks to fill gaps.

Game 2 and Game 6

Playfield starts with garbage. Each round ends when a line is cleared in the bottom row, as in The Next Tetris.

Game 3 and Game 7

Blinking tetrominoes break into individual blocks when they lock, much like the multiminos of The Next Tetris.

Game 4 and Game 8

Blinking tetrominoes break into individual blocks of antimatter, which remove blocks from the field, when they lock. For example, an L tetromino placed on its side of length 2 will remove three blocks from one column and one from the next.

Games 5-8

Every 60 seconds, a garbage line is added.


Scoring is similar to the system LJ65 used before switching to combo-based scoring.

  • Single: 100
  • Double: 300
  • Triple: 700
  • Tetris: 1500
  • Level up: 400

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