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Not to be confused with Tetris Gems, a jewelry line from 2009
Tetris Gems
Developer(s)Blue Planet Software
Publisher(s)The Tetris Company
ReleaseMarch, 2019
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Gems title (2019 version).png
Tetris Gems ingame.jpg

Tetris Gems is a cascade game currently in beta. It can be played at tetris.com/play-tetrisgems.


The player starts with 1 minute, the objective is to get a highscores by clearing big cascades before the time runs out. The game begins with 5 lines of garbage with gems in the stack. Clearing lines with gems activates their effect. Unlike regular Tetris, when a line is completed it doesn't clear. Instead the line splits into 10 minos which have gravity applied to them causing a cascade, where lines can clear.

Cascades end when a hole in the garbage has no minos above it. This means with a sufficiently large stack, there is always a chance that the garbage hole might end up in the column with the player's well and prematurely end the cascade.


Scoring uses regular guideline scoring, with the addition of a multiplier instead of levels, and cascade storing, 100 × lines × multiplier. The player increases the multiplier by clearing lines with orange gems.


Gem-red.png Red gems add 5 seconds to the countdown clock. Red gems appear randomly in the garbage, and when clearing a Tetris.
Gem-orange.png Orange gems increase the score multiplier by one. Orange gems appear every 10 garbage rows.
Gem-green.png Green gems create a shockwave. They only activate after the first cascade ends, turning the entire stack into loose minos, starting a second cascade. They only appear when clearing a Tetris.

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