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Tetris Blitz
Tetris Blitz icon.png
App icon
Developer(s)EA Salt Lake
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Platform(s)iOS, Android, Windows Phone
May 17, 2013
2016 Edition
June 28, 2016
Gameplay info
Next pieces1-3
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes (up to 2 pieces)
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Blitz title.png
Tetris Blitz ingame.png

Tetris Blitz is a mobile game developed by EA Salt Lake published by Electronic Arts for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It was launched at May 17, 2013. Three years later, it was redesigned on June 28, 2016 with new graphics, sounds, and music, with the redesign being known as the "2016 Edition". It was delisted on April 21, 2020 along with EA's Tetris app, as announced on January 21, 2020.[1]


Tetris Blitz is a Guideline-based game with cascade gravity. The goal is to score as many points as possible within a 2-minute period. After clearing an amount of successive lines, the game activates Frenzy mode, which separates all Minos during line clears to trigger cascade combos. At the end of the round, all remaining Minos will collapse for more line clears. Much like EA's Tetris app, game controls can be switched between Swipe or One-Touch. In addition, the player can hold a piece for as many times as they want, unlike in other games. The ability to hold a second piece and expand the next previews to 3 pieces can be bought separately in the store.


Two types of items are available in Tetris Blitz: Power-Ups and Finishers. Power-Ups are activated by using specially-marked tetrominoes and clearing lines with them; Finishers are used during the "Last Hurrah" at the end of a round. Players can also upgrade the strength of each item by leveling up.

Power-Ups include the following:

  • Lasers - clears three random rows
  • Meteor Storm - drops random Minos into the playfield
  • Insta-Frenzy - activates Frenzy mode more often
  • Three Strikes - changes the next 3 pieces to I pieces
  • Bombs - clears nearby blocks within 3 columns
  • Avalanche - drops three rows of blocks into the playfield
  • Multiplier - increases the score multiplier when activated
  • Groundswell - creates a stack at the bottom for a Tetris clear
  • Mino Vortex - launches random Minos into holes
  • Frostbite - forms a block of ice at the bottom of the playfield then shatters for a Tetris clear
  • Tunnel Vision - drops two columns of Minos on both sides of the playfield, which crush any blocks below them
  • Quake - eliminates all holes in the stack
  • Magnet - Pulls all blocks to the left side of the playfield
  • Bulldozer - drops three rows of blocks which clear two rows below and separate into individual Minos for cascades
  • Blitz'n (Holiday-themed) - drops three squares of Minos into the playfield
  • Nuke - separates all blocks into individual Minos
  • Amplifier - multiplies the score of each line clear with the power-up piece
  • Time Shift - adds 5 seconds to the timer
  • Mega Crusher - drops two rows of heavy Minos that fill gaps
  • Super Seven - instantly drops 7 optimized tetrominoes onto the stack then clears any lines made
  • Jubilee Flair - when activated on a sufficiently large stack and a high-enough multiplier, adds a large score based on the amount of Minos on the playfield
  • Rockets - similar to Lasers, but clears more rows
  • Wildcard - activates a random Power-Up

Finishers include the following:

  • Mino Rain - drops a large amount of Minos into the playfield
  • Inversion - converts the empty space in the playfield into Minos and vice versa
  • Birthday Cake - replaces any remaining blocks in the playfield with a special birthday-cake-themed map (with the number on top varying according to the current year in relation to Tetris's anniversary) and activates six random Power-Ups
  • Popcorn - adds 4 rows of special blocks at the bottom, which then adds random Minos and then form line clears
  • Starfall - drops a meteor-shaped block map onto the playfield and activates a random Power-Up
  • Gifting Tree - replaces any remaining blocks in the playfield with a special Christmas-tree map and activates six random Power-Ups
  • Instant Replay - replays the largest-scoring move from a round
  • Lucky Spin - multiplies any points made during the last 30 seconds of a round by the number picked from a spinning wheel and gives out a certain amount of coins
  • Supernova - replaces any remaining blocks in the playfield with a special Supernova block map, then activates a certain amount of random Power-Ups and a bonus multiplier based on the numbers shown on a slot machine


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