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{{Infobox |title = Tetris Black
{{Infobox |title = Tetris Black
|developer = G-mode
|developer = G-mode
|publisher = G-mode
|publisher = Electronic Arts
|released = 2006
|released = 2006
|platform = Mobile
|platform = Mobile

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Tetris Black
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Gameplay info
Next piecesThree
Playfield size10w x 23h (20h visible)
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS

Tetris Black is a Tetris game for Japanese mobile phones.

Game Modes

  • Tetris: Tetris Worlds style marathon mode, with Tetris DS style scoring system. Like to TDS, T-Spin without any wall kicks will award more points. The game ends in level 15. You can still continue game beyond level 15, but clearing lines will not give you any points. (Soft drop still gives you points, however) There is an interesting difference between this game and others: "Carry-over" of level points. If you perform T-Spin Double in level 1 with 5 points left, the level advances to 2 and there is only 3 points left.
  • 40Lines: 40 lines time attack mode.
  • Ultra2min: 2 minutes line attack mode. Unlike to the other games, score has no effect on ranking.
  • Black: Endless mode. Gravity is fixed at 7G, which is same as level 15 in other modes.

Gameplay Details

  • Soft drop: Native + Value (or maybe, Native * 20)
  • Lock delay: 30? frames
  • ARE: There is a short "lock flash" after the Tetromino locks. And there is long delay after any type of T-Spin.
  • Line clear delay: 40? frames
  • DAS: Faster than Tetris DS. I don't know exact frame values however.
  • Playfield width:10w
  • Playfield height:23h (20h visible)
    • Verification: Lay an I tetromino on its short end with only visible block, then clear some lines. All four blocks of the I will remain. Maybe there are more invisible rows, but there is no way to verify it because there is no garbage rising in this game.
  • Scoring: See Tetris DS#Scoring tables. This game uses almost same system as TDS, but there are some differences. (See below)

Super T-Spin

Sometimes, a cyan T tetromino will appear. (The rate is unknown, but they do not appear twice in a row) If you do a T-Spin with this, it will award twice points.

Incomplete T-Spin Triple bonus

In other games, this "incomplete" T-Spin Triple gives you Level * 100 score-points and 1 level-points. But in this game, it will give you Level * 400 score-points and 4 level-points.


This special rule applies to T-Spin Single too. In other games, it will give you Level * 200 score-points and 2 level-points. But in this game, it will give you Level * 800 score-points and 8 level-points.


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