Tetris Battle Gaiden

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Tetris Butou Gaiden
Developer(s) Bullet Proof Software
Publisher(s) Bullet Proof Software
Release date(s) December 24, 1993
Platform(s) Super Famicom
Gameplay Info
Next pieces
Playfield dimensions 10w x 22h
Hold piece No
Hard drop
Rotation system

テトリス武闘外伝 This tetris game has the following unique features.

1) both players draw from the same 3 piece preview. whoever places the next peice gets the one at the top.

2) some terminos have orbs in them. clearing lines with them collects them. This brings a lot of strategy for the timing of your piece drops becaue you want to get the ones with orbs, and leave the ones without orbs for the opponent. However you also want to let the opponent have the pieces you don't have a spot for, and get the ones you do want.

3) when you have 2 orbs, you can use a defensive powerup, 4 for an attack, and 3 for somethign inbetween that depends on your character. One example of a 3 orb move is stealin gyour opponents orbs with the pumpkin character. In all cases, both layers lose their current piece, and the attacker gets the next piece.

With these features, the player who maanges to grab the first few orbs can cleverly deny their opponent access to them, and usually ensure a win.