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For the game of the same name released by G-Mode, click here.
Tetris Battle (Facebook)
Tetris Battle (Facebook) logo.jpg
Developer(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Publisher(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Platform(s)Web (Flash)
ReleaseJune 8, 2010
Gameplay info
Next pieces1-5
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris Battle (Facebook) title.png
Tetris Battle (Facebook) ingame.png

Tetris Battle was an online multiplayer Tetris game available on Facebook.com. It was later discontinued on May 31, 2019 due to Tetris Online, Inc. ceasing their operations.

Tetris Battle is based on Tetris Friends, but with greater focus on one-versus-one matches and asynchronous multiplayer gameplay. The app uses integration with Facebook's social platform to allow players to challenge against their friends and check their online status.

Gameplay and Features

Tetris Battle is a freemium game that uses the standard Guideline gameplay ruleset. Some of its mechanics, such as DAS, drop speed, and piece preview queue, require in-app purchases to adjust them to a desired level.

Asynchronous gameplay is used for the multiplayer modes (except Arena). If not matched with an online friend or a recommended online opponent with a similar Rank, the user plays against a previously-recorded gameplay from another user. This allows for shorter match-making wait times and a more consistent multiplayer experience.

Garbage types

Due to the usage of asynchronous gameplay, the garbage line system has been reworked on the main Battle modes to allow for attacks while keeping the floor flat on either side, as replays cannot work on garbage lines with holes unlike other Tetris games with multiplayer modes.

Three garbage types are used in-game:

  • Bombs – The default garbage type. Each garbage line has a "bomb" on a random column. When a tetromino is dropped on the Bomb, it explodes and its corresponding line is cleared. If there are 2 or more Bombs located above each other in the same column, these are detonated after dropping a piece above the upper-most Bomb. Detonating a Bomb without performing a normal line clear maintains the current combo and/or Back-to-Back chain.
  • Solid – No holes or Bombs are used in the garbage lines. Sending garbage to an opponent can reduce the amount of Solid garbage on your playfield.
  • Holes – Standard holes are used in garbage lines. Clearing lines with Holes work the same way as other Tetris games with this nature. Only used in Arena mode.

Status Bar

The Status Bar is a header on top of the game that displays your Tetris Coin and Cash amount, Energy level, and XP level. After creating an account, the player starts with 1000 Tetris Coins and 5 Tetris Cash.

  • Tetris Coins – These are used to purchase higher game tuning levels, Boosts, and temporarily unlocking Decors. A player earns an amount of Coins after each round, depending on the results. The player can also purchase a Triple Coins item to multiply the amount of Coins earned by 3 for a limited time period.
  • Tetris Cash – These are used to purchase Energy packs, unlimited play tickets, Armors, and permanently unlocking Decors. Tetris Cash are purchased with real currency via credit card payment or mobile phone load credits.
  • Energy – This limits the amount of games a user can play on a period of time; the maximum Energy amount is 30. Each game played costs 5 Energy. For every 5 minutes of in-game time, 1 Energy is added to the user's Status Bar.
The player can purchase Energy packs at the store using Cash to quickly re-gain Energy. Additionally, Unlimited Play Tickets (1-day or 7-day) can be purchased to remove the Energy limit for a particular period.
  • XP Level – this records the amount of Experience (XP) points a player has over time. Leveling up will give you 200 Coins and re-fill your Energy meter.


All multiplayer modes have Ranks that determine your skill level; a Rank you obtain in one mode will be different from that of another mode. Initially, 25 Ranks are available before they are eventually expanded to a total of 111 Ranks, each progressively harder to obtain.

The player must obtain Stars in order to increase their Rank; Stars are earned by winning matches. After moving up one Rank, the player starts with 2 Stars and must obtain 3 more (5 Stars total) to move another Rank up. A player can also move up multiple Ranks, provided that the player's performance in the current round overpowers that of the opponent. If a player loses a match, 2 Stars are deducted; if there are 0 Stars left after losing a match, the player is demoted one Rank down (but no less than Rank 1). The player can also purchase an Armor item, which prevents removal of Stars after losing a round for several games. When reaching Ranks 101 and above, a player must obtain 50 Stars instead to move one Rank up. XP Level earned increases per each higher-level Rank obtained.

Rank Number Rank Title
1 Newbie / Tenderfoot
2 Novice
3 Rookie
4 Trainee
5 Hobbyist
6 Practitioner
7 Contender
8 Achiever
9 Apprentice
10 Journeyman
11 Intermediate
12 Hotshot
13 Captain
14 Leader
15 Pioneer
16 Whiz
17 Professional
18 Expert
19 Veteran
20 Elite
21 Artist
22 Star
23 Superstar
24 Maven
25 Virtuoso
26-30 Genius
31-35 Untouchable
36-40 Prodigy
41-45 Ace
46-50 Hero
51-55 King
56-60 Beast
61-65 Champion
66-70 Guru
71-75 Sage
76-80 Master
81-85 Grand Master
86-90 Legendary Grand Master
91-95 Phenomenon
96-100 Superhuman
101-105 Immortal
106-110 Demi-God
110 (MAX) God of Tetris


On the main Battle modes, these are in-game items used to gain advantage over opponents. They must be purchased first with Coins to activate them before a round. On certain days, the Boosts' effects are doubled.

Boosts include the following:

  • Shield – Randomly blocks up to 15 garbage lines during a round.
  • Final Rush – Allows the player to send up to 15 additional garbage lines during the last 30 seconds of a round.
  • Twin Bomb – Adds an extra Bomb on each garbage line.
  • 1 KO – The player wins after knocking out the opponent once. Only used in Battle 2P+ mode.

Other features

  • Maps – the player can start with a specially-shaped stack during a round. 12 maps are available in-game; these can be used in Battle 2P, Battle 6P, and Arena modes.
  • Handicap – When playing against a significantly lower-ranked player, an amount of concrete garbage lines is added to the bottom of the user's playfield to help balance the current game. This can be toggled when playing against online friends.
  • Decors – allows the player to customize the look of their playfield by changing the design of the blocks, Ghost piece, and/or Bombs. Decors can be unlocked for a 7-day period by using Tetris Coins or permanently unlocked by purchasing them with Tetris Cash.
  • Daily Lottery – When logging in each day, the player receives a free Spin in the Lottery slot machine; each slot gives out 1 Reward, which can include Tetris Coins, Boosts, one of the 7 tetrominoes, and Energy packs. A maximum of 5 Rewards can be given out per week.
  • Capsule – a player can also use the Tetris Capsule machine to get in-game items. Each capsule costs 1 Cash. Rewards include up to 1000 Coins, Armor, the Triple Coin item, a 1-Day Unlimited Play ticket, and up to 10 Cash.
  • Daily Bingo – Since 2015, a player can also fill out a 5 × 5 Bingo card by completing missions, such as performing Tetris / T-spin line clears, playing a specific mode, etc. Getting 5 achievements in a row, column, or diagonal gives out a Reward.




Standard fixed-goal Marathon mode. Unlike other Tetris games with this mode, move reset is limited to 5 movements before a piece locks. Also, the fixed-goal system used is different: a player must clear 5 lines on Levels 1 to 5, 10 lines on Levels 6 to 10, and 15 lines on Levels 11 to 15, respectively.


Standard 40 lines time attack mode.


Battle 2P

Standard 2-player versus mode with the Bomb garbage line system. Players must knock out the opponent as much as possible within a 2-minute round. The winner is determined by the amount of knockouts (up to 5 per round), the number of sent lines, or the height of the ending stack.

Battle 2P+

Same mechanics as Battle 2P, but the game ends after a player knocks out the opponent 2 times. The player also moves a Rank up or down immediately after each match.

Battle 6P

6-player versus mode with the Bomb garbage line system. There is a 10 KO limit per round. This mode is unlocked by adding 6 friends to your profile.


Real-time multiplayer mode with the traditional garbage line system. Up to 6 players can compete per match.

Sprint 4P

The player must clear 40 lines faster than 3 other opponents. This mode is unlocked by adding 4 friends to your profile.

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