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Tetris 99
Tetris 99 boxart.jpeg
North American cover art
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch
  • WW: February 13, 2019
Physical Release
  • JP: August 9, 2019
  • NA: September 6, 2019
  • EU: September 20, 2019
Gameplay info
Next pieces6
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris 99 title.jpg
Tetris 99 ingame.jpg

Tetris 99 is a game for the Nintendo Switch, based around battle royale-style play. It is available as a free download to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service.

The game features an online multiplayer mode called Tetris 99, with single player and local multiplayer modes available by purchasing the Big Block DLC.


Tetris 99 mode

The mode is garbage-based, with the player being able to send garbage to other players. The aim is to be the last surviving player.

The player can earn badges by knocking out other players. Knocking out players with badges will cause the player to receive some (all?) of their badges. Collecting badges will increase the player's attack power.

When 50 players are remaining, the piece gravity begins to increase over time, eventually reaching 1G.[1]


Badge number Attack boost Required Total
1 25% 2 2
2 50% 4 6
3 75% 8 14
4 100% 16 30


By clearing lines the player can send lines of garbage to opponents.

Lines received will go into the pending garbage queue, where there is a delay before the lines appear on the playfield. This delay decreases as players are knocked out. The active set of pending lines will change colour to indicate how close it is to appearing, and when the active set spawns on the playfield the next set will become active.

The player can have at most 12 lines of garbage in their pending queue, and can send at most 20 with one line clear. In both cases any excess lines are lost.

Base table

The game's base garbage table is consistent with most guideline games, with the exception of the All Clear bonus.

Line clear Lines sent
Single 0
Double 1
Triple 2
Tetris 4
T-Spin Single 2
Mini T-Spin Single 0
T-Spin Double 4
Mini T-Spin Double 1
T-Spin Triple 6
Back-to-Back bonus +1
All Clear bonus +4


The game counts combos starting from the second consecutive line clear as 1.

Combo Lines sent
0 +0
1 +1
2 +1
3 +2
4 +2
5 +3
6 +3
7 +4
8 +4
9 +4
10+ +5


The game provides four automatic targeting modes:

  • Badges: Target opponents with many badges.
  • KOs: Target opponents who are close to being knocked out.
  • Attackers: Target opponents who are targeting the player.
  • Randoms: Target opponents at random.

Alternatively, the player can also switch targets manually.

Target bonus

If the player is targeted by multiple opponents then they will receive a boost to attack power for each clear:

Opponents Bonus lines sent
2 +1
3 +3
4 +5
5 +7
6+ +9

This boost is applied before the badge attack boost.

Maximus Cup

Main article: Maximus Cup

The Maximus Cup is a recurring event which players participate simply by playing Tetris 99 mode. So far two different categories of prizes have been offered, 999 My Nintendo Gold points, or unique themes for the game. In the case of the points, the top 999 with the most 1st place wins during the event are awarded the prize. The themes have a different format, players must accumulate 100 event points to permanently unlock the theme. Players earn event points by completing a Tetris 99 game, the points vary depending the rank attained.

Tetris 99 Invictus

Tetris 99 Invictus plays just like Tetris 99 mode, but is exclusive to players who have previously won 1st place in a Tetris 99 match.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions are added challenges, that when completed, earn you tickets which can be exchanged for custom themes.

Big Block DLC

CPU Battle

CPU Battle mode pits the player against 98 CPU players. The AI difficulty and the player's starting badges can be adjusted.


The player can select between 150 Line and 999 Line modes. In 150 Line mode the starting level can also be selected. In either case the speed level will increase every 10 lines until it reaches the maximum.

The 150 Line speed curve is similar to that of current guideline games.

Local Arena

In Local Arena you can play with up to 8 Nintendo Switch consoles locally.

2P Share Battle

With 2P Share Battle mode, you can share two Joy-Con controllers and play two players versus each other and CPU opponents.


Tetris 99 was announced on February 13, 2019 during a Nintendo Direct presentation on YouTube and Twitch. It was available for download later that day free, exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.[2] On May 9, 2019, the Big Block DLC was announced with two new modes, CPU Battle, and Marathon. It promised two additional modes to be released later in the year as part of the purchase.[3] A physical release which includes a 1 year subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service, and Big Block DLC was released in Q3 of 2019 worldwide.[4]

Version 2.0 of Tetris 99 was revealed on September 4, 2019, adding daily missions, Tetris 99 Invictus mode, and new player icons. It was released the following day alongside the remaining two Big Block DLC modes.


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