Tetris 64

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Tetris 64
Platform(s)Nintendo 64

Tetris 64 is a game that was released in Japan for the Nintendo 64. It included a "bio-sensor" that measured the player's heart rate, for use in the Bio Tetris mode, and was the only game for the Nintendo 64 to use the sensor.


3 modes:

  • A-Type is a standard marathon mode.
  • B-Type is divided into 30 levels (0-29) and 6 heights (0-5, corresponding to 0, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12 lines of garbage). Clearing 25 lines will pass the stage, causing the player to advance a height. Clearing height 5 will advance the level. An ending occurs on clearing level 29 height 5.
  • C-Type is similar to A-Type, but garbage will rise from the bottom at certain intervals.

Giga Tetris

Giga Tetris sometimes gives the player giant pieces. When a line is made involving a giant piece, instead of clearing it will split into vertical dominoes. The dominoes will disappear if involved in a line clear. The mode also has cascade gravity.

Bio Tetris

Based on the player's heart rate, the game would give out harder or easier pieces.


The game includes a surprising number of options, particularly regarding rotation. Moreover, enabling some of these options allows the player to perform unique spin moves, including an O-Spin (though these are not recognised by the game).

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