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  • WW: January 22, 2020
Latest release1.0.1 / January 23, 2020
Gameplay info
Next pieces3
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
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Tetris (N3TWORK) ingame.png

Tetris is single-player game for mobile devices developed and published by N3TWORK.[1] It was released shortly after EA's Tetris and Tetris Blitz were delisted from app stores on January 22, 2020.[2]

The look and feel of the game is very similar to N3TWORK's other game Tetris Royale, and includes similar customization options.


Tetris features standard Tetris Guideline rules. The player uses swipe controls to manipulate and place tetrominos. The only mode currently available is endless marathon.

The player can review their scores on the local leaderboard.


Shorty after release, a press release announcing the game said more features would be added in addition to the standard Tetris endless marathon, as well as online leaderboards.[1]


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