Tetris (IBM PC)

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Developer(s)Alexey Pajitnov and Vadim Gerasimov
Publisher(s)AcademySoft CCAS USSR Moscow
Platform(s)IBM PC (DOS)
Release1986, 1988
Gameplay info
Next piecesOne
Playfield size10x20
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemOriginal Rotation System?
Tetris (IBM PC) Title Screen.png
Tetris (IBM PC) Game Screen.png

Tetris followed its original version for Electronica 60 when Vadim Gerasimov, then sixteen years old, ported it to IBM PC. This version spread through Moscow quickly after he and Alexey Pajitnov shared it with their friends.

Download version 3.12 of the first PC version of Tetris from Gerasimov's web page here (Tetris3.zip), and a utility to change the tetromino colors here.

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