Tetris (Amazon Fire TV)

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Tetris (Amazon Fire TV)
Tetris (Roku and Amazon Fire TV) logo.png
Developer(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Publisher(s)Tetris Online, Inc.
Platform(s)Android (Amazon Fire TV)
ReleaseDecember 18, 2013
Gameplay info
Next pieces4
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris (Roku and Amazon Fire TV) title.png
Tetris (Amazon Fire TV) ingame.jpg

Tetris is a Tetris game for Amazon Fire TV. It was released in celebration of Tetris' 30th anniversary, sharing many traits with the Roku version.

Unlike the Roku version, this version was not unlisted from Amazon when Tetris Online, Inc. ceased operations.


Tetris (Amazon Fire TV) follows the standard Tetris Guideline ruleset for gameplay. The app's graphical interface is based on Tetris Friends and Tetris Battle.

Three gameplay modes are available: Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra.

Two in-game themes are available: Default and Tetris 1989, the latter of which uses the Game Boy version's graphics. Both themes include a corresponding version of Korobeiniki as the background music.

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