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[[Category:Official Tetris games]]
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[[Category:Mobile phone games]]

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EA Tetris icon.png
App icon
Developer(s)EA Mobile
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Platform(s)iOS, Android, Windows Phone
ReleaseDecember 1, 2011
Gameplay info
Next pieces3
Playfield size10 × 20 (Marathon), 7 × 14 (Galaxy)
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetris (2011, Electronic Arts) title.png
Tetris (2011, Electronic Arts) ingame.png

Tetris is a mobile game developed and published by Electronic Arts for iOS and Android. On January 21, 2020, it was announced that the game would be delisted on April 21, 2020 along with Tetris Blitz.[1]


The game features standard Tetris Guideline rules. There are two control options:

  • Swipe - Swiping your finger across the screen left or right moves the tetromino horizontally, sliding down performs a soft drop, flicking down performs a hard drop, and flicking up or tapping the Hold window swaps the current piece with the hold piece.
  • One-Touch - The app determines 1 to 5 possible placements for the incoming tetromino, and tapping on one of the highlighted outlines drops the tetromino to the placement of choice. Pressing the Cycle button shuffles between possible placements for each piece orientation; dragging an outline will change the position of the placement.

There are two game modes:

  • Marathon - Variable-goal type mode. After clearing 15 levels, the game switches to Endless mode, where the player clears as many lines as they can before topping out.
  • Galaxy - The player must clear maps of garbage blocks using the fewest pieces possible. Three power-ups are available: Comet, Shatter, and Best Fit.

Six soundtracks are available in-game: Tetris Theme (Korobeiniki), 8-Bit, Funky Drop, Play, Zen, and Aqua.