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Tetris.wiki is a wiki focused on creating Tetris related content. It was started by Myndzi in 2015. Over the years, thousands of contributions have been made documenting official and fan games in the series, uncovering game mechanics, and creating guides to improve playing.


2006 – 2009

The wiki was originally started in 2006 on the website tetrisconcept.com, at the suggestion of user colour_thief. Tetrisconcept.com closed in 2009, and the wiki was transferred over to wikia.com. Wikia.com is a large ad-supported site that hosts a variety of wikis. The new url was tetrisconcept.wikia.com, and was soon redirected to tetris.wikia.com. It now lives at tetris.fandom.com. Later in 2013 an attempt was made to undo this move, but Fandom declined saying that they wanted to keep it running.

2009 – 2012

Shortly after tetrisconcept.com closed, a user named Blink started a new Tetris community called Hard Drop. Tetrisconcept.com linked to this new community as well as transferred an additional copy of its wiki to be hosted there. Also during this time, another website tetrisconcept.net opened and hosted its own wiki, also based on the original. Three wikis now simultaneously existed based off the same content. Two were controlled by community members, and one by an ad-supported company.

2013 – 2015

Around 2013, Myndzi launched a new wiki at tetriswiki.com based on an older fork of tetrisconcept's wiki. Some community members wanted to create a wiki not affiliated with tetrisconcept.net or Hard Drop. A variety of problems were raised to promote the movement such as, the intrusive ads on tetris.wikia.com. On Hard Drop, a thread was started where members from different groups discussed the possibility of merging together three of the wikis. Blink declined stating that he did not see any strong benefits that would make it worth it. [1]

2015 – present

In 2015 tetrisconcept.net's wiki was exported and shutdown to create Tetris.wiki, which tetriswiki.com now points to. Along with Tetris.wiki, the other two wikis, Hard Drop Tetris Wiki, and Tetris Wiki Fandom, remain today.


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