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#REDIRECT [[Tetrinet]]
The PC based multiplayer game [[Tetrinet]] uses its own [[rotation system]] based on that of [[Tetris (NES, Tengen)|Tengen's game]]. Tetriminos spawn with a random initial rotation, below the ceiling, in the center (rounded to the right if needed).
== Basic rotation ==
[[Image:tetrinet_rotations.png|thumb|Basic rotations in TetriNet.]]
The tetriminos rotate as shown in the picture. I, S and Z alternate between two different states. The logic behind the uncommon and somewhat irregular behavior of J, L and T could be that all rotations of all tetriminos are placed top left in the bounding box (with the exception of I).
== Wall kicks ==
Tetriminos can kick out from the walls of the playfield but not from walls of blocks. There are no floor kicks.
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