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Developer(s)Simon Laroche (simonlc)
Platform(s)Web (HTML5)
ReleaseMar 17 2013
Gameplay info
Next pieces6
Playfield size10x20
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Tetr.js title.jpg

Tetr.js is a JavaScript based browser fan game. It was designed mainly as a lightweight 40 line client.


Tetr.js uses modern guideline rules e.g., Bag Randomizer, Hold, 6 Previews, Super Rotation System, and Lock delay. Players can customize various settings such as the controls, DAS, ARR, lock delay, and block skins. After completing a game, the player has the option to watch the replay, though they are not saved.


There are two modes:

  • Sprint: Clear 40 lines as fast as possible
  • Dig Race: Downstack the 10 given garbage lines as fast as possible

Farter's Dig Mod

Farter's Dig Mod is a Tetr.js modification made by Hard Drop user Farter. It has touchscreen support, and new modes similar to TOJ's Driller mode. In the new modes, the player starts with an empty field but receives garbage lines in uniform intervals. The goal is to survive the incoming flood of garbage as long as possible.


This mod adds scoring to the game, which is mostly used for Zen mode leaderboards.

Single 100
Double 300
Triple 500
Tetris 800 * B2B multiplier
Spin 400 * B2B multiplier
Spin Single 800 * B2B multiplier
Spin Double 1200 * B2B multiplier
Spin Triple 1600 * B2B multiplier
Spin Tetris 2000 * B2B multiplier
Perfect Clear 1000000 * PC multiplier

Both B2B and PC multipliers are set to 1 at the start of the game.

B2B multiplier doubles after each Tetris or Spin clear. Spins that doesn't clear any lines don't advance the multiplier. If a non-spin Single, Double, or Triple is cleared, this multiplier resets back to one.

PC multiplier is multiplied by 16 after each Perfect Clear performed. Unlike the B2B multiplier, it doesn't reset during the course of game and is applied to every line clear in addition to the perfect clears.

Additionally, there is also a Combo multiplier. It applies to every type of line clear. As other multipliers, it starts at one. Each line clear doubles the multiplier, but if a tetrimino is placed in a way that doesn't clear any lines, this multiplier is reset back to one.

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