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Okay, just messing with this game and here are some details.

Same button gives you the last seed, Play gives you a new one

1 Rotates CCW 2 Hard drops

Level;lines 0;0 1;11 2;21 3;31 4;41 5;51 6;61 7;75 8;90 9:105 (not sure if you loop back to 0 after more lines, i'd want to guess 120 for next level if it does) If you start at a level that isn't 0 you need to get the lines needed for the next level. (starting at level 6 means i need to get 75 lines before i can get to 7)

Bravos don't seem to count for anything. Allowing the piece to drop gives you a random amount of points, while hard dropping gives you more. no clue how that works

gonna work on rotation later, once i figure out how to make those fancy chart things --LadyLily 22:49, 10 December 2009 (UTC)