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Regarding section "Line Attacks"

These are fairly standard across every stacker game with multiplayer released after 2006...I feel like this is somewhat implied due to the overabundance of line clears? I'd copy in a mention to Garbage if anything, since that page practically restates everything this new subsection does. This does, afterall, immediately follow this section on the Multiplier system, which directly links to the damage table which includes a lot of the information restated here (it's always been my opinion that TETR.IO#Mechanics describes TETR.IO's specific mechanics, not a restatement of, say, the Random Generator or Gravity)

Now I'll admit, Garbage could use some work (guideline BtB adds +3 to TST line clears? no it doesn't.) but that's a self-sufficient issue we should all take a look at. I may be accused of hypocrisy here, since I did have to redefine back to back line clears in TETR.IO#Back-to-Back_Chaining, but in this case, Back-to-Back literally doesn't exist.

Furthermore, the .gif file uploaded does not display transmission of attack lines whatsoever, being recorded in ZEN mode without sendback enabled. It perhaps illustrates the added TETR.IO#Trivia section a bit better, without the extra noise visual garbage lines create. Might I suggest a file such as this one instead, albeit, after a lot more compression? It even shows the defensive maneuvers described in the original texts. (I'm just really not sure why everyone who creates any files on this wiki depicting TETR.IO gameplay do so with all backgrounds disabled...)

If nobody objects, though, I'm very much considering removing this section altogether within the week. --ZaptorZap (talk) 00:44, 11 February 2022 (UTC)