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Developer(s)Jun Shimizu (清水 順)
Latest release2.00
Gameplay info
Next piecesConfigurable (0-2)
Playfield size20 × Configurable (4-32)
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Rotation systemSega rotation
Tetris Semipro-68k title.png
Tetris Semipro-68k ingame.png

TETRIS SEMIPRO-68k (ТЕТРИС SEMIPRO-68k) is a fan-made clone for the Sharp X68000 platform, with its rules based on Sega's arcade version. It is commonly known as Shimizu Tetris, after the author's name, Jun Shimizu (清水 順; The pronunciation of this name is not exactly certain due to Japanese Kanji characters having multiple arbitrary pronunciation possibilities). The game features a wide variety of configurable aspects, many of which influenced the design of the later Tetris The Grand Master series. It is especially notable for being the first known implementation to feature 20G gravity, referred to as "20 cell" in this game, where pieces fall all the way to the bottom of the well in a single frame.

The Cyrillic characters in the title is the proper Russian notation of the word "Tetris", as opposed to the mock-Russian notation used in some early games.


One Player

Marathon mode based on Sega's Tetris.

Two Players

Two-player simultaneous marathon. 4-10 wide playfield.


Two players placing on the same playfield. 4-22 wide. If the width is 7 or less, the players' spawn positions overlap.


Standard two-player versus mode. 4-10 wide playfield, each player can choose.

Garbage duplicates the bottom row.

Flash Point

Implements the stages from Flash Point. It should be noted that stages 13, 51 and 53 are slightly different compared to the original.


  • Type of blocks:
    • Tetromino: Default.
    • Pentomino: Uses pentominoes. In this mode, the clockwise rotation key flips the current piece (anticlockwise rotation is unchanged).
  • Next display:
    • On: 1 next piece (default)
    • Double: 2 next pieces
    • Off: No next piece.
  • Row of blocks: Determines piece sequence.
    • Fresh: Default, generate random sequence each game.
    • Repeat: Repeats the same sequence each game. The sequence to be repeated is not fixed.
    • Noble: Tetris (Sega) power-on pattern (beginning TITIIJI)
  • Rival's row: Determines piece sequences for 2 Player and Versus modes.
    • Different: Players have independent sequences.
    • Common: Players have the same sequence.
  • Partner's row: Determines piece sequence for Doubles mode.
    • Different: Players have independent sequences.
    • Common: Players have the same sequence.
  • Mode of doubles:
    • Can't overlap: Default. Players' pieces drop simultaneously and block each other. If one piece blocks the other player's spawn position, the spawn will be delayed until it is clear.
    • Can overlap: Both players' pieces can overlap until one of them locks.
    • Alternation: Players alternate dropping pieces.
  • Block birth: If on, causes single blocks to spawn. They will spawn at a random location on the lowest possible row that has at least two empty spaces.
    • Off: Default.
    • Only not cleared: Spawns a block every piece, except when a line is cleared.
    • Every time: Spawns a block every piece.

Timing adjust

  • Wait fix (Lock delay) default: 29
  • Wait next (ARE) default: 30
  • Clear lines (Line clear delay) default: 40
  • Repeat (side) (DAS) default: 19
  • Repeat (down) (Downward DAS) default: 0
  • Repeat (button) default: No repeat