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Spectrum HoloByte
Spectrum HoloByte logo.jpeg
Founded 1983
Defunct 1998
Headquarters Alameda, California, U.S.
Key people Gilman Louie, Phil Adam

Spectrum HoloByte was the first company to publish official Tetris games in North America.


In December 1993, Spectrum HoloByte merged with MicroProse, and in 1996 adopted the name MicroProse. MicroProse was acquired by Hasbro Interactive in 1998 and Hasbro closed Spectrum HoloByte in 1999. In January of 2001, Hasbro sold its video game assets, including its Atari brand, to Infogrames, which renamed itself to Atari after.

Tetromino games

The following tetromino games were developed or published by Spectrum HoloByte:

Non-tetromino games

The following non-tetromino games were developed or published by Spectrum HoloByte:

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