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|latestrelease =  
|latestrelease =  
|platform = macOS, Windows, Linux
|platform = macOS, Windows, Linux
|preview = 1<br>4 in Pentomino C<br> 3 in G3 Terror
|preview = 4 in Pentomino C<br> 3 in G3 Terror<br> 1 in other modes
|playfield = 10 &times; 20<br>12 &times; 20 in Pentomino C
|playfield = 10 &times; 20<br>12 &times; 20 in Pentomino C
|hold = No
|hold = G3 Terror only
|hard = Yes
|hard = Possible in non-G1 modes
|system = [[ARS]]
|system = [[ARS]]
|boxart =  
|boxart =  

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Developer(s)Felicity, Nightmareci, that1, Aperturegrillz, MaryHal, PARTYMANX, Rain
Platform(s)macOS, Windows, Linux
ReleaseApril 16, 2017
Gameplay info
Next pieces4 in Pentomino C
3 in G3 Terror
1 in other modes
Playfield size10 × 20
12 × 20 in Pentomino C
Hold pieceG3 Terror only
Hard dropPossible in non-G1 modes
Rotation systemARS
Shiromino title.jpg
Shiromino ingame.jpg

Shiromino is a fan game based on the TGM series. It includes modes from the series as well as a TGM-styled pentomino mode. The project was released by Felicity in April, 2017. In November 2019 Nightmareci started working on the project and ownership was later passed to them.



Pentomino C

Pentomino C is a pentomino and tetromino gametype inspired by the TGM series.

TGM series modes

Shiromino includes several modes analogous to some found in the TGM series.

  • G1 Master: TGM1 Master
  • G1 20G: TGM1 20G code
  • G2 Master: TA Master
  • G2 Death: TAP T.A. Death
  • G3 Terror: Ti Shirase
  • Big Master: TA Big code

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