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==== TGM series modes ====
==== TGM series modes ====
''Shiromino'' includes several modes analogous to some found in the TGM series.
* '''G1 Master''': [[TGM1]] Master
* '''G1 Master''': [[TGM1]] Master
* '''G1 20G''': [[TGM1]] 20G code
* '''G1 20G''': [[TGM1]] 20G code

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Developer(s)Felicity, Nightmareci, that1, Aperturegrillz, MaryHal, PARTYMANX, Rain
Platform(s)macOS, Windows, Linux
ReleaseApril 16, 2017
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
4 in Pentomino C
3 in G3 Terror
Playfield size10 × 20
12 × 20 in Pentomino C
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemARS
Shiromino title.jpg
Shiromino ingame.jpg

Shiromino is a pentomino game that also includes TGM series modes. The project was started by Felicity in April, 2017. In November 2019 Nightmareci started working on the project and ownership was later passed to them.



Pentomino C

Pentomino C is a pentomino and tetromino gametype inspired by the TGM series.

TGM series modes

Shiromino includes several modes analogous to some found in the TGM series.

  • G1 Master: TGM1 Master
  • G1 20G: TGM1 20G code
  • G2 Master: TAP Master
  • G2 Death: TAP T.A.Death
  • G3 Terror: Ti Shirase
  • Big Master: TAP Big code

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