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This article is about the 1999-2000 arcade and Dreamcast version. For the 1988 arcade version, see Tetris (Sega).
Sega Tetris
Sega Tetris boxart.jpg
Platform(s)Sega NAOMI
Sega Dreamcast
  • AC: November, 1999
  • DC: November 23, 2000
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10 × 18
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Rotation systemSega Rotation with wallkicks
(Only kicks playfield's wall. Not the locked tetrominos.)
Sega Tetris title.png
Sega Tetris ingame.png

Sega Tetris (セガテトリス Sega Tetorisu) is a video game published by Sega for the NAOMI arcade platform and Dreamcast home consoles in Japan. It is reminiscent to Sega's earlier Tetris titles, featuring a similar rotation system, changing backgrounds, and a monkey as the primary mascot.


Single player

There are three available difficulties, easy, normal, and difficult. There is also an option to play with join block mechanic from the battle mode.

Battle mode

Double Sends a second tetromino in the opponent's next queue, and they must join it before it falls in the playfield.
Triple Garbage line falls from the top.
Tetris Four aligned garbage lines are sent.
Split Double A rocket is shot that makes a hole in the opponent's stack.
Split Triple Knock opponent unconscious, they must press buttons quickly to wake up.

UFO Catcher

UFO Catcher is a minigame available to play from the main menu. After earning virtual currency during regular gameplay, the player can spend it by playing this minigame to unlock playable characters.

The minigame works similarly to UFO catchers found in Japanese game centers.

  1. Press A to insert coin(s).
  2. Press Start to start the minigame.
  3. The player can look around with the directional buttons.
  4. The player presses and holds A to move the arm right. Once they let go they can no longer move it left or right.
  5. The player presses and holds A a second and last time to move the arm away from them.
  6. The arm then descends and grabs.
  7. If the player succeeded in catching a prize, it is added to their collection which can be viewed by pressing X.

Completing various challenges in Sega Tetris, will add new characters to the UFO Catcher minigame. They will only be playable if the player catches them in the minigame.


Sega Tetris supports a few of the connectivity options on the Dreamcast. When connecting to the internet or VS Cable to play, up to 4 players are supported.

Net play

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As of November 30, 2002, Net play is no longer supported.[1]

Dreamcast VS Cable

The Dreamcast VS Cable allows you to connect two Dreamcast consoles together similar to a link cable, or crossover cable. It is one of only four games to support the Dreamcast VS Cable.

Physical scans

Sega Dreamcast, JP
Sega Tetris back cover.jpgSega Tetris boxart.jpg
Sega Tetris spine card.jpg
Sega Tetris disc.jpg
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