Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.28 Tetris Collection

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Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 28: Tetris Collection
Sega Ages Tetris boxart.jpg
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
  • JP: September 28, 2006
Gameplay info
Next pieces3 in Tetris: New Century, 1 in others
Hold pieceOnly in Tetris: New Century
Hard dropOnly in Tetris: New Century
Rotation systemSRS (Tetris: New Century), Sega rotation (other games)
Tetris Collection title.png
Tetris Collection ingame.png

Tetris Collection (テトリスコレクション Tetorisu korekushon) is a collection of Tetris games released in Japan by Sega. The collection contains a new game, Tetris: New Century, and ports of arcade and console games, Tetris (Sega), Tetris (Mega Drive), Flash Point, and Bloxeed.

Tetris: New Century

Main article: Tetris: New Century

Tetris: New Century is a game in the visual style of Sega's arcade Tetris game, but updated to match the modern Tetris Guideline. The game has four single-player modes as well as a two-player mode.

Classic Tetris

Each machine has selectable options and the ability to play in 480i, 240p, 480p or 480p with scan lines.

Tetris (Sega)

Main article: Tetris (Sega)

Machines available:

Replay archives

Included are four superplays:

  • Counter stop (one person) - 54m25s - This super play maxes out all 3 counters. The player also shows off by building a stair pattern at one point.
  • Power-on pattern - 12m57s - This super play optimizes score by doing mainly perfect clears for score bonuses. This optimization is only possible because the pattern is memorized. It does not however abuse the level timer to get early level increases.
  • Stairs - 7m10s - The player attempts to build a double '>' pattern.
  • Counter stop (synchro) - 28m44s - A player attempts to play both sides (1p and 2p) at once and counter stop the score counter. They fail on one side and counter stop p1.

Extended options (System 16)

  • Start level - Select a level to start on. Selectable levels are 0 through 15.
  • Game speed - Normal or boost 2, 3, 4. Boost will multiply the normal gravity speed values.
  • Skip warning - Pressing Start while this option is enabled will skip the warning screen.
  • Extend counter - When enabled, the score counter will have 7 digits, with the line counter having 4. Both the 7-digit score and 4-digit line counters would later be used in the Mega Drive Mini port of this game.

Flash Point

Main article: Flash Point

Machines available:

  • System 16
  • Mega Drive (prototype) - This version is hidden and can be accessed by holding down the right arrow for a few seconds.


Main article: Bloxeed

Machines available:

  • System 18
  • System 16
  • C Board (hidden)

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