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A polyomino is a piece made of two or more square blocks, where all blocks are connected through full coincident edges (as if squares on graph paper).

  • A free polyomino is one that may be translated (moved about), rotated, or reflected.
  • A one-sided polyomino is one that may be translated or rotated.
  • A fixed polyomino can only be translated.

Polyominoes come in several sizes:

Polyominoes are often named by a Latin letter that resembles the shape of the polyomino. For instance, an "I" has all its blocks in a straight line, and a "T" consists of an "I" tromino with one or more blocks in a straight line connected to one side of the center of the "I".

Hinged polyominoes

Hinged tetrominoes
in Tetris 2

A hinged polyomino is similar to a polyomino but also allows connections at a point. In games that use hinged polyominoes, a piece may break apart at the diagonal connections when it lands, and the fragments may or may not be controllable afterward.

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