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Not Tetris
Platform(s)Windows, Linux, Mac
Release20 June 2011
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10.25 × 18 (Normal mode), 10 × 18 (Stack mode)
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Rotation systemContinuous

Not Tetris 2 is a cross-platform game made with the LÖVE framework and the sequel to Not Tetris. As with the previous game it adds a physics engine to Tetris gameplay, and as a result pieces can be rotated freely and bounce when placed in the well. New features are Normal Mode, in which the player can clear lines, and a two-player mode.

The game's interface imitates the Game Boy version, and the game includes all three BGM tracks from that game.

Normal Mode

Normal mode has gameplay similar to conventional Tetris, in that the player must try to clear lines in order to survive. Every 10 lines advances the game's level, increasing the falling speed of pieces.

A line is considered cleared if it contains at least 8.1 blocks, or slightly under 80% full (as lines in this mode are 10.25 blocks wide). When lines are cleared, only the portions of the pieces that are inside the line are removed, causing the pieces to be sliced if necessary. These fragments will then fall by gravity. Line clears are only checked at the moment a piece locks (when it touches the stack). As a result, it is possible to clear more than 4 lines at once.

Scoring is based both on the number of lines cleared and on the block density of the lines cleared (but not on the current level). The scoring formula is:

Score = 40 * lines^2 + ceiling(20 * (3 * lines)^(density^10))

where density is the average number of blocks per cleared line divided by 10. This means that density is less important for multiple line clears compared to singles.

Stack Mode

Stack Mode brings back the gameplay from the original Not Tetris. The aim is to fit as many pieces as possible into the playfield before topping out. For each piece placed without topping out the player scores 100 points.

This can be played in 1-player or 2-player modes. In 2-player mode player 2's pieces sequence is player 1's sequence mirrored.

Invade Mode

Invade Mode is a variant of Stack Mode purely for 2 players. In Invade Mode each player's pieces can move to the other half of the screen after locking (but not while being dropped). As in Stack the aim is to get as many pieces into the playfield before topping out, and for each piece placed without topping out the player scores 100 points.

General gameplay notes

As with the previous game, pieces lock when they touch any part of the stack, at which point they fall freely. The next piece spawns immediately; there is no lock delay. The game ends if the rotation centre of a piece locks above the top of the screen.

Despite claims about a reprogrammed random algorithm ("so that you never get a long piece when you need one"), the randomizer is memoryless, same as the original.

The player can configure the game's colour palette, window scaling, and windowed/fullscreen mode.


If the player does well enough they will be treated to one of the rocket cutscenes from the Game Boy version. The thresholds are as follows:

  • Small rocket: 5000 (Normal) / 32 (Stack)
  • Medium rocket: 10000 (Normal) / 34 (Stack)
  • Large rocket: 15000 (Normal) / 36 (Stack)
  • Buran spaceplane: 20000 (Normal) / 37 (Stack)

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