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== Tetris DS Nintendo Wifi Connection ==
== Tetris DS Nintendo Wifi Connection ==

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Tetris DS Nintendo Wifi Connection

This is primarily a technical document describing the servers that the Nintendo DS connects to to perform Nintendo Wifi. It would appear that at login, Tetris DS reports what it believes to be its rank to Nintendo. This also occurs every time you switch opponents. This process is done via a handshake between the DS and Gamespy. This is also what allows the wonderful device known as action replay to be so nasty to the highscore board.


Web Servers

These servers are used to display the score board: (nintendowifi.com)


Nintendo Connection Test

This is the server to which the DS connects in order to initiate its connection (conntest.nintendowifi.net)


NAS Servers

Not entirely sure why the DS makes a connection to these yet (nas.nintendowifi.net)

  • (SSL)
  • (SSL)

Gamespy Servers

These are the gaming servers

  • (gamestats.gs.nintendowifi.net)
  • (gpcm.gs.nintendowifi.net)
  • (tetrisds.ms2.gs.nintendowifi.net)
  • (tetrisds.natneg1.gs.nintendowifi.net)
  • (tetrisds.natneg2.gs.nintenowifi.net)

Unknown in packet stream

  • (rcw.wc24.wii.com)

Gamestats server

Metroid and Tetris seem to do this differently, hence this documentation. Metroid makes a connecton to port 29920, whereas Tetris seems to prefer to use HTTP (port 80). More details to come.