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The title screen of MultiMino.
Developer(s)Axel Fox
ReleaseNov 16, 2020
Gameplay info
Next pieces1-5
Playfield size10 × 20 visible (in all modes except Combo Breaker)
Hold pieceEnabled with IHS in all modes except Classic
Hard dropEnabled in all modes except Classic and Spin Clear
Rotation systemSRS, with custom SRS-like kicks for non-tetrominoes

MultiMino is a fangame created by Axel Fox that visions what the Tetris Guideline would be like if pentominoes and hexominoes were a part of it.

Game Modes

There are currently ten modes in the game:

  • Marathon
  • Sprint
  • Ultra
  • Survival
  • Spin Clear
  • Master
  • Combo Breaker
  • CPU Versus
  • Sandbox
  • Classic (a hidden mode that can accessed by typing 1989 in the main menu)


Fixed goal marathon. You can choose from 150 lines, 200 lines, 300 lines, or endless. If you choose endless, you can also pick the point at which the speed stops increasing, either level 1, 15, 20, or 30. Hextris can only be used if the Lines setting is set to INF.


40-line sprint. No options to pick from. If using Hextris, the player has to clear 20 lines.


3 minute blitz to get the highest score you can. No options to pick from.


Garbage lines periodically rise from the bottom. No options to pick from.

Spin Clear

Preset boards and piece sequences will appear, and you have to spin every piece into the board, finishing with an All Clear. You start with 2 minutes, and gain 5 seconds for every board you clear. Game ends when you run out of time. No options to pick from.


A 200-line 20G marathon where the game is incredibly fast starting at level M1. No options to pick from.

Combo Breaker

A 4-wide matrix where the goal is to get the highest combo you can in one minute. No options to pick from.

CPU Versus

Fight an AI in a traditional versus match. You can choose the AI level (1 to 5), and the amount of victories to win the whole match (2, 3, 5, 7, or 10).


Allows you to make your own boards for testing the kicks. You can also pick a piece sequence, and save boards to load later.


Secret mode. Emulates the gameplay of the NES Tetris game. No options to pick from.

Piece Sets

In most game modes, the player can choose a piece set to use before starting a game. The three piece sets are as follows:


Includes all 7 tetrominoes.


Includes all 18 pentominoes.


Includes the monomino, domino, 2 trominoes, 7 tetrominoes, and 18 pentominoes.


Includes the domino, 2 trominoes, and 7 tetrominoes.


Includes 7 tetrominoes and 18 pentominoes.


Includes the monomino, domino, 2 trominoes, 7 tetrominoes, 18 pentominoes, and 60 hexominoes.


Includes all 60 hexominoes. Can only be used in Marathon with infinite goal, Sprint, Ultra, and Master modes.