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MAME is an open source project, which give the chance to test code changes.

Input mod

Shmupmame lagless edition

Current version: 0.137

  • Windows (32 and 64 bit) GCC (VC++ version unavailable at this time)

This is a modified version of MAME with modifications in Psikyo SH-2 emulation (tgm2, tgm2p) that eliminate one extra frame of lag compared to vanilla MAME. It also includes the TGM enhancements listed below, but no inpview. Because this version is based on MAME 0.137, it also fixes graphical bugs in tgm2p, most notable of which being the blue boot-up screen.

Shmupmame thread on Shmups forum

Older version

Current version: 0.133

This is a modified version of MAME with some modifications aimed to enhance the TGM experience and WolfMAME's inpview modifications.


  • After you download a version that fits your OS, use it like normal MAME
  • If you have MAME installed, you can put it there

Differences from original MAME

  • Only runs tgmj, tgm2 and tgm2p
  • These games are configured to 4-way stick, which makes MAME favor the last pressed direction
    For instance, [left; left+down; down] will send down to the game on the second input sequence
  • Polls input much more frequently and before executing the emulated CPU time slices (this is a brute force modification)
    TODO: poll input when the emulated machine polls input (this is the ideal modification)
  • Pressing opposite directions favors the most recently pressed one, and only locks if both become pressed simultaneously
    Exception: if up+down become pressed simultaneously, it favors up


  • The only difference between mametgm.exe and vmametgm.exe is that the former is compiled using GCC and the latter using Visual C++ 2005
    Most people (including me) report that the Visual C++ version is faster
  • The Linux and Mac OS X versions are based on SDLMAME
  • It maked tgmj less playable due to the introduced processing overhead, but tgm2 and tgm2p are fine
  • It produces/reads .inp files incompatible with the original MAME
  • Input Viewer from WolfMAME: try -inpview 1