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MAME is an open source project, which give the chance to test code changes.

Input mod

Current version: 0.133

This is a modified version of MAME with some modifications aimed to enhance the TGM experience and WolfMAME's inpview modifications.


  • After you download a version that fits your OS, use it like normal MAME
  • If you have MAME installed, you can put it there

Differences from original MAME

  • Only runs tgmj, tgm2 and tgm2p
  • These games are configured to 4-way stick, which makes MAME favor the last pressed direction
    For instance, [left; left+down; down] will send down to the game on the second input sequence
  • Polls input much more frequently and before executing the emulated CPU time slices (this is a brute force modification)
    TODO: poll input when the emulated machine polls input (this is the ideal modification)
  • Pressing opposite directions favors the most recently pressed one, and only locks if both become pressed simultaneously
    Exception: if up+down become pressed simultaneously, it favors up


  • The only difference between mametgm.exe and vmametgm.exe is that the former is compiled using GCC and the latter using Visual C++ 2005
    Most people (including me) report that the Visual C++ version is faster
  • The Linux and Mac OS X versions are based on SDLMAME
  • It maked tgmj less playable due to the introduced processing overhead, but tgm2 and tgm2p are fine
  • It produces/reads .inp files incompatible with the original MAME
  • Input Viewer from WolfMAME: try -inpview 1