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title screen

Minna no Tetris
Everyone's Tetris box.jpg
Front of box
Platform(s)Dedicated device
Gameplay info
Next pieces3
Playfield size10 × 20 (standard)
8 × 12 (Easy)
Hold pieceYes
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
Everyone's Tetris ingame.jpg

Minna no Tetris [a] is a handheld plug-and-play TV game developed and published by EPOCH in Japan. It includes 11 different modes, including single and 2-player modes.


Minna no Tetris uses the standard Tetris Guideline ruleset for gameplay; Auto-repeat speed is slightly slower than other modern games. Ghost piece, hard drop, starting level, Endless mode, and handicaps can be toggled in most in-game modes.

Game modes


  • Standard rules
    • Marathon – Fixed-goal mode. Clear at least 150 lines to complete the mode (unless Endless is toggled on).
    • Easy – Uses a smaller playfield; also has a lower gravity curve and a shorter line goal (100 lines). Three difficulty levels can be selected:
      • Level 1 (Green) – Uses only 1-block and 2-block pieces.
      • Level 2 (Yellow) – Uses 1-block, 2-block, and 3-block pieces.
      • Level 3 (Red) – Uses standard tetromino pieces.
    • Relax – Same as Marathon, but with a different gravity curve that slows down after reaching level 7.
  • Special rules
    • 3 MinutesUltra mode.
    • Countdown – Same as Marathon, but a garbage line is added every 60 seconds.
    • Target – The player must clear 10 garbage lines and reach the bottom in the fastest time possible.
    • COM Battle – Play any of the two Battle modes against a computer opponent.


  • Standard Battle – Versus mode with garbage line attack system.
  • Mischievous Battle – Versus mode with different attack types.
  • Team – Co-op mode, in which each player must clear a total of 20 lines per level in Marathon mode. Game ends if both players top out within 30 seconds of each other.


  1. みんなのテトリス Min'na no tetorisu - Translation: Tetris for everyone

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