List of Tetris Effect Master Mode clears

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This is a list of players who have cleared Master Mode in Tetris Effect by completing 300 lines or more in total.

Nationality Name Aliases Gamertag Platform Date
Flag of Japan.svg Japan りょくちゃ suitougreentea suitougreentea PS4 December 8th, 2018[1]
Flag of Japan.svg Japan RUHUNA RUHUNA_ EGS Unknown
Flag of Japan.svg Japan J.SHIMADA smd3256 jshimada3256 EGS August 29, 2019[2]
Flag of Japan.svg Japan kitsune_fuchi ふち kitsune_fuchi EGS April 12th, 2020[3]
Flag of Japan.svg Japan RunningOutRate アガラナイの滝 RunningOutRate EGS April 25th, 2020[4]
Flag of the United States.svg USA EricICX EricICX Microsoft Store Unknown
Flag of Japan.svg Japan ZIN ジーン, Zin_ss Zin listless Microsoft Store December 12th, 2020[5]
Flag of the United States.svg USA KibiByte KibiByte1281 Microsoft Store December 24th, 2020[6]
Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan mactonya Macyayaya Microsoft Store February 6th, 2021[7]
Flag of the United States.svg USA bitbybyte あれく bittobaito Microsoft Store February 7th, 2021[8]
Flag of the United States.svg USA Yoshimi Yoshimi270 Microsoft Store February 11th, 2021
Flag of the United States.svg USA xcnc xccn1160 Microsoft Store February 18th, 2021
Flag of the United States.svg USA Kirby703 Kirby703 Microsoft Store March 19th, 2021
Flag of Japan.svg Japan yuureighost ゆうろすと yuureighost4324 Microsoft Store March 26th, 2021[9]
Flag of France.svg France Angel of Diamond AOD8938 Microsoft Store May 1st, 2021[10]
Flag of the United States.svg USA Taco gilamonster727 Microsoft Store July 30th, 2021
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia willycel123 ElGroover willycel123 Steam November 5th, 2021[11]
Flag of Russia.svg Russia Tetro48 Tetro48 Steam November 10th, 2021[12]
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea BarrelZebra2149 BarrelZebra2149 Microsoft Store November 12th, 2021[13]
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom HontNog HontNog PS4 November 15th, 2021[14]