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This wiki entry is based on the beta release on November 24, 2006. It is limited to 5000 participants, less than 1000 of which are currently taken. Jewelry Master is expected to release in December, and will be localised in English for Western markets.

Version Update

The November 24 version of the game, v1.07, will become inaccessible as of November 30. The new version, v1.10, will be available for download on the same day. With the update the ranking board will be cleared.

How to Join the Beta

Yes, even you can be a part of the beta by following these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Downloading the Game Vist the Jewelry Master website and download '', linked with a green button at the bottom of the page. No installation is necessary; simply extract the contents to your desired folder.

Step 2: Registering an Account In order to actually play the game, you will need to register for an account. On the page linked above, enter your email address in the first box and your desired user ID in the second box. An email will be sent to your inbox containing your password. You have 24 hours to log into the game or else your account will be deleted.

Step 3: Log In and Play

Start up JM.exe and enter your account information. You will have to do this every time you play. After playing a couple rounds, I suggest watching some good replays to get a feel for the game. Have fun!

Game Modes

Jewelry Master features 3 game modes. Unlike TGM the goal is not a rank attack or time attack to level 999 but a score attack.

Normal Mode

Pieces fall at speeds similar to TGM's Master Modes. Gems here do not ever fuse and instead behave as individual blocks.

Hard Mode

Plays just like normal mode, except same-coloured gems will fuse together to form a larger solid irregularly shaped gem.

Death Mode

The fastest mode, starting immediately at 20g. Gems fuse together as in Hard Mode.