Full HD Tetris

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Full HD Tetris
Release2008-12-07 (original) / 2008-12-16 (more) / 2008-12-18 (Kai) / 2008-12-31 (Pentris)
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size96w × 54h (original/Kai)
320w × 180h (more)
60w × 33h (Pentris)
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo (two speeds of soft drop)
Full HD Tetris title.png
Full HD Tetris ingame.png

Full HD Tetris is a series of Flash games with super-large playfields. The series was inspired by Full HD Space Invaders.

Pieces spawn at random locations at the top of the screen. Each game has two soft drop keys; by default, Space soft drops slowly, while Enter soft drops quickly. Each game has a pause function, but the pause function only lasts for a maximum of five minutes, and cannot be used again until a line is cleared.

Lines are scored by 10 * 2^(number of simultaneous lines) e.g. 20 for Single, 160 for Tetris.


The original. There is a small chance of getting a 8-block I piece.


This has a larger playfield, but is otherwise the same. The pieces may be hard to see.


Adds large tetrominos (2× and 3× block sizes) to the original. 12 lines can be cleared at once using a 3× size I, scoring 40960 points.


Uses pentominoes instead of tetrominoes. The blocks are larger, so the playfield is only 60 squares wide now.