Family Tetris

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Family Tetris
Family Tetris boxart.jpg
Developer(s)HiScore Entertainment
Publisher(s)Radica Games
Platform(s)Dedicated device
ReleaseFall 2006
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size4 × 10 (1-block), 5 × 10 (2-block), 8 × 20 (3-block), 10 × 20 (4-block)
Hold pieceYes (4-block only)
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemSRS
PlayTV Legends Family Tetris Title Screen.png
PlayTV Legends Family Tetris Space Theme.png

Family Tetris is a dedicated console developed by HiScore Entertainment Software Engineering, designed by Blue Planet Software, Inc., and distributed by Radica Games in the fall of 2006. The game includes two gamepads and four "AA" batteries, and the gamepads connect directly to a standard television or VCR via the audio/video composite inputs.


Family Tetris features 5 game modes, 4 selectable skill levels, and 3 graphical themes. Players can choose from 1-block to 4-block (Tetromino) pieces for gameplay. In the case of 4-block pieces, the standard Guideline ruleset is used. Players can also switch between Co-Op and Competitive for the multiplayer modes.

The following modes appear in the game:

  • Family Mode – One or two players, each with their own playfield, must clear 10 lines in a level in the shortest possible time. Up to 15 levels can be played in a single session.
  • Race – Each player must clear 40 lines in the shortest possible time.
  • Marathon – Standard fixed-goal single-player mode. The game ends when a player tops out or clears 150 lines.
  • Dig – Players must clear garbage blocks below the playfield for 15 waves. Only 3-block and 4-block pieces are available in this mode.
  • Versus – Standard multiplayer battle mode with garbage line attack system. Only 4-block pieces are available in this mode.


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