Falling Lightblocks

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Falling Lightblocks is a multi-platform game that devloped by MrStahlfelge. It can played on Android (Mobile and TV), iOS, Web browsers and desktops.


Falling Lightblocks can played with a game controller, a keyboard, or on screen control(Touch Gestures(default), gamepads, gravity control, or buttons)


  • Missions(number : TV, Web browsers and desktops' mission number if have different(X means didn't have)) It has 16 missions(TV, Web browsers and desktops have 13 missions) that need to complete the goal, and no hold. It have 5 types of missions:
    • tutorial(mobile only) : the tutorial about touch gestures and gravity control(mission 0 (X)).
    • relax : clear an amount of lines in a limit of blocks(mission 1 have no block limit)(mission 1,3,5,11(X)(gravity control),and 12(11)).
    • clean : clear all the garbage blocks in a limit of blocks (mission 2,7,10,13(X(gravity control),15(13)).
    • specialty : some tutorials that need to make a specific goal(Tetris:mission 4, T spin:mission 6, Double Special:mission 8).
    • garbage : a survival mode that need to place an amount of blocks(mission 9 and 14(12)).
  • Marathon : Score as much points as possible(max is 999999), it has 3 types:
    • Classic Lightblocks : same score counter as mission mode.
    • Full Retro : simmulates to NES tetris.
    • Gravity Control : same as Classic Lightblocks but No hold and use gravity control(with accelerometer)
  • pratice : endless mode and put as much blocks as possible(classic(NRS rotation) or modern(guideline))(start speed cap is due to the highest level that gained in marathon)
  • Sprint 40L : clear 40 lines as fast as possible(the timer is due to the in-game time)
  • Modern with Freeze : An shorter Tetris effect journey mode(Easy: 120L, Normal: 144L, Hard: 192L) but zone(Freeze in this game) has no combo bonus, and gain (no-zone score + zone lines*100) points


  • T spin Triple gain points is same as T spin Double or tetris
  • T spin Single gain points is same as triple, but cant gain Double Special(simmulates as B2B)
  • Expect Modern with Freeze mode, hold will lose Double special
  • In Modern with Freeze mode, zone wont lose Double special, but no Double special in zone

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