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Code Img Description
Rotleft Rotleft.png Rotate counter-clockwise
Rotright Rotright.png Rotate clockwise
Rot180 Rot180.png Rotate 180 degrees
Hold Hold.png Hold active piece
Tapleft Tapleft.png Tap left
Tapright Tapright.png Tap right
Holdleft Holdleft.png Hold left
Holdright Holdright.png Hold right
Softdrop Softdrop.png Soft drop
Firmdrop Firmdrop.png Firm drop
Harddrop Harddrop.png Hard drop
Softfirmdrop Softfirmdrop.png Soft or firm drop (for diagrams that allow for both)
@Rotleft Template:@Rotleft Initial rotate counterclockwise
@Rotright Template:@Rotright Initial rotate clockwise
@Rot180 Template:@Rot180 Initial rotate 180 degrees
@Hold Template:@Hold Initial Hold active piece
@Holdleft Template:@Holdleft Initial hold left input
@Holdright Template:@Holdright Initial hold right input
@Firmdrop Template:@Firmdrop Initial Firm drop
@Harddrop Template:@Harddrop Initial Hard drop
+ Synchro.png Synchronization of input.

Usage Guideline

1. A string of symbols will be treated as consecutive inputs unless noted by a Synchro.png symbol.

  • Rotleft.pngTapright.png = Rotate left. Then tap right.
  • Rotleft.pngTapright.pngSoftdrop.png = Rotate left. Then tap right. Then soft drop.

2. Only the symbol to the left and to the right of a Synchro.png symbol will be treated as simultaneous inputs.

  • Rotleft.pngSynchro.pngTapleft.png = Rotate counter-clockwise and tap left simultaneously.
  • Tapright.pngRotleft.pngSynchro.pngTapleft.png = Tap right. Then rotate counter-clockwise and tap left simultaneously.
  • Tapright.pngRotleft.pngSynchro.pngTapleft.pngTapleft.png = Tap right. Then rotate counter-clockwise and tap left simultaneously. Then tap left.