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Developer(s)Joe Zeng
Platform(s)LÖVE 11 (Windows, macOS, Linux)
ReleaseMay 2019
Latest releasev0.1 (May 23, 2019)
Gameplay info
Next piecesvariable
Playfield size10 × 24, 20 visible rows
Hold pieceYes, with IHS
Hard dropAll variants supported
Rotation systemClassic ARS, Ti-ARS, SRS, Cambridge

Cambridge is a Lua-based falling-block-game engine dedicated to creating a robust, easily customizable platform for creating new, custom game modes.

Game modes

These game modes are exclusive to, or originated from, Cambridge:

  • Marathon 2020
  • Survival 2020
  • Strategy
  • Interval Training
  • TetrisGram™ Pacer Test

These game modes from other creators are also supported:

  • Demon Mode, created by Oshisaure
  • Phantom Mania, originally from Nullpomino
  • Phantom Mania 2

And these modes from other published games:

  • Ligne (40L)
  • Marathon A1
  • Marathon A2
  • Marathon A3
  • Survival A1
  • Survival A2
  • Survival A3
  • Line Attack