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Bombliss is a game mode based on Tetris.


In Bombliss, falling pieces contain bombs. Each piece may contain no bombs, one bomb, or be entirely made of bombs. When rows of the playfield are filled, they do not disappear as in other games; the bombs within the row explode depending on how many rows are filled at one time. It is possible for rows to be filled with no bombs, which increases the size of the next explosion.

Bombliss uses the sticky style of line clear gravity, allowing pieces unconnected to anything to fall. This allows chain reactions.

Whenever a piece enters the playfield, if four bombs are arranged into the shape of an O tetromino they will become a larger bomb. Unlike in The New Tetris, these transformations happen only after the field has settled after explosions and gravity, meaning that large bombs can be formed only in rows that still have a gap. Unlike in Lumines, large bombs cannot be made of overlapping blocks.

Official games with Bombliss rules

Fan games with Bombliss rules