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Arika, formed in 1996 by former Capcom employees, develops the TGM series. Arika's first game was Street Fighter EX. It was successful and was followed up with two updates (Street Fighter EX Plus and EX Plus Alpha for the PlayStation).

Games developed

  • Street Fighter EX - 1996 (Arcade)
  • Street Fighter EX Plus - 1997 (Arcade)
  • Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha - 1997 (PlayStation)
  • Street Fighter EX2 - 1998 (Arcade)
  • Tetris The Grand Master - 1998 (Arcade)
  • Fighting Layer - 1998 (Arcade)
  • Street Fighter EX2 Plus - Early 1999 (Arcade and later released for the PlayStation on December 24, 1999)
  • Street Fighter EX3 - 2000 (PlayStation 2)
  • Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS - 2000 (Arcade)
  • Everblue - 2001 (PlayStation 2)
  • Technic Beat - 2002 (Arcade)
  • Everblue - 2002 (PlayStation 2)
  • Mega Man Network Transmission - 2003 (GameCube)
  • Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct - 2005 (Arcade)
  • Super Dragon Ball Z - 2005 (Arcade & PS2, collaborated with Crafts & Meister)
  • Tetris The Grand Master Ace - 2005 (Xbox 360)

The name Arika is the name of its founder, Akira Nishitani, spelt backwards.

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