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Developer(s)Eric Ng
ReleaseApril 1989
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropHard only
Rotation system?

Aint (Aint Is Not Tetris) is a free software Tetris clone for MS-DOS, It is possibly the first copylefted tetromino game, having been released under version 1 of the GPL.

After version 0.9 it was reworked for EGA systems and renamed EGAint. Later versions of EGAint would include Aint as part of the package.


  • Tournament game:
    • No: Generate pieces randomly
    • Yes: Generate pieces based on fixed seed
  • Tournament game number: Set seed for tournament game
  • Initial level
  • Initial height
  • Show Next
  • Show Statistics


A number of cheats are programmed into the game. Using these cheats will make the player ineligible for the high score table.

  • Ctrl+A (Up): Move current piece up one row.
  • Ctrl+J (Delay): Halve the game speed (can be used multiple times)
  • Ctrl+K (Polymorph): Convert current piece to an I.
  • Ctrl+L (Cycle Level): Increment level by 1, or return to 0 if at maximum level.
  • Ctrl+Q (Smart Bomb): Convert current piece into a smart bomb, which clears a 5×5 area from the centre of the object.
  • Ctrl+Z (Down): Move current piece down one row.
  • Ctrl+Backspace (Nuke): Clear the playfield, including the current piece.
== Links ==
  • FOG DOS ( contains binaries and assembly for Aint and EGAint)