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<@colour_thief> the race between my right hand, and you, is on
< muf> that sounds SO wrong
< muf> that's something i could be quoted to have said to a girl

< GFish> i could go for some piss right about now

< Needle_> ....I'm having quiiite some trouble understanding how mecha robots and psionic schoolgirls somehow glorify Japan's military capacities

<timc> oh man
<timc> i got this plate of steaming hot food today
<timc> a favorite dish of mine
<timc> so i pick up a piece of potato, put it in my mouth
<timc> it's burning hot, i try to swallow it
<timc> it's too big to swallow so i start choking on it
<timc> a good hard punch to my back from a friend gets me to cough it up 
<timc> but it burned my throat so that it's pretty hard to breathe through my mouth
<timc> like sucking really hard through a small straw
<lee_n> smooth
<timc> ...and hurts like a motherfuckr
<timc> yah
<timc> really haha
<timc> i am in for some very unpleasant hours, damn
<timc> about two hours after the swelling started to get pretty bad
<timc> and i was getting worried by the fact that breathing was becoming more and more difficult
<timc> so, to a chinese hospital and back again, but things seemed to level off as far as difficulty at the 5 hour (or level 500) mark  went
<lee_n> protip: chew
<Pineapple_> lulz
<timc> yah shit really, it was too hot to chew!
<lee_n> so you decided to swallow instead?
<timc> so of course, logically, just skip that step and be like me
<timc> yah that thing was like molten
<lee_n> you're supposed to toss it :)

<muf> fuck he left
<Digital__> see muf, that's what happens when you try to talk and fap
<Digital__> the best case: jago leaves in disgust
<Digital__> the worst: you're thinking of jago while fapping

< Deniax> muf: youre TC , so English fag :)
< Deniax> eh
< Deniax> flag
< Deniax> :')

<Blink^> ur girlfriends playing digi
<Zircean>  go encourage her
<Blink^> go cheer her on
<Zircean>  yeah digi come on
<Digital__> -_-
<Zircean>  watch him go do it now
<Digital__> I know the truth blink
<Blink^> what truth lol
<Digital__> you and her have been fooling around behind my back!
<Blink^> lol dumbbbb ahha
<Blink^> i got sandy what i need lisa for
<Digital__> who knows
<Digital__> all I know is that I'm not satisfying her needs anymore
<Blink^> lol
<Zircean>  awww is your tpm not big enough digi
<Blink^> you cant satisfy her with that small tpm
<Blink^> you need to enlarge it
<Digital__> exactly, I asked rosti to help me
<Blink^> lol
<Blink^> what the
<jujube> umm yeah what the
<jujube> haha that didn't come out right digi
<jujube> or did it
<Digital__> I think it did
<jujube> well as long as lisa's cool with that

<Zircean> amnesia you better watch out
<Zircean> kev-b is attempting to blitz you in TAP
<Vincent_Laurent> If he perform a Master M rank, I cut my two hands
<caffeine1> if you cut one off, how do you plan to get the second?

<KevinDDR> there's the people who make love to tetris
<KevinDDR> and then there's people like me
<KevinDDR> who fucking jam it in with the force of 1000 kenyans
<KevinDDR> no lube.

<Kitakyushu> why must my brain always start jacking off in the last section?

<@colour_thief> i vote you guys play tetris instead of trying to have sex with each other

<Vin_s> red I am coming
<Rosti_LFC> ;D
<Vin_s> just to make him aware ;|
<Red_Star> lol, I am not sure if it was meant the way it sounds
<Zircean> it most definitely wasn't
<Zircean> but that's amnesia

<gs68> it'll become Texmaster ACE

<tadaru> actually, I'm going to change my system cock to 24-hour time now

<muf> pleasedon'tcrashpleasedon'tcrashpleasedon'tcrash
<Zircean> oh it crashed
<Zircean> that's disappointing
<muf> no it's still restarting
<muf> bah it crashed :(

<KevinDDR> i should do speed sometime
<KevinDDR> and see if it makes me better at tgm

<nightmareci> DS is like some crabs: it has a little ARM, and a big ARM

<nightmareci> anty grmer nassiz rit laik thas

<@colour_thief> sounds good, but i really don't have the disposable income to buy plane tickets more often than i buy beer
<Rosti> colour_thief, you need to buy beer more often then ;)

<lee_n> i always bring it
<MeroigoMini> nice
<lee_n> like.. always-always
<MeroigoMini> big one?
<lee_n> 12"
<MeroigoMini> cool,not very big

<TWF> the galge mode in TGM4 makes me think

<TWF> Yamete, oshiri itai
<KevinDDR> twf why does your butt hurt
<KevinDDR> why are you so butthurt
<KevinDDR> was i too rough last acme trip? :P
<TWF> ouf
<Zircean> oh wow
<KevinDDR> can't handle my m9s?
<Monte> whoa
<KevinDDR> :P
<Zircean> another addition to the TC sausagefest love web
<TWF> hahahahaha
<TWF> KevinDDR I was quoting tiffany
<Digital_> oh snap
<KevinDDR> do i have to get a demotional?
<KevinDDR> oh
<KevinDDR> snap
<TWF> not even kidding
<KevinDDR> well i don't even want to know what you two are up to
<Zircean> rofl
<KevinDDR> who knows, this community could get more incestuous than PNWbemani
<TWF> (21:07:57) Tiffy: The blanket term "yaoi" is an acronym for the phrase "Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi", which means "no peak, no point, no meaning". 
<TWF> (21:08:00) Tiffy: haha, I did not know this before
<TWF> (21:08:41) Tiffy: (A backronym meant as a joke identifies it as "Yamete, oshiri (ga) itai" which literally means "Stop, my ass hurts!").
<Zircean> rofl

<corro>	have her sucking your dick while your playing tetris
<corro>	thats what i made mine do
<Digital__> no wonder you keep losing

Zircean: i have one, muf has one, apparently twf has one too
Zircean: mines small tho
Zircean: muf's is nice and huge

<KevinDDR> corrosive is the new juni
<LauraChick> HAHAHA
<LauraChick> New Juni as in Black and Mexican
<LauraChick> or new Juni as in Bipolar and CRAZY
<KevinDDR> hahaha no
<KevinDDR> yeah
<Kitaru> crazy
<LauraChick> Does he battle rap like Juni?
<KevinDDR> and angry, gay bashing, everything
<KevinDDR> yes
<TWF> he just talks a lot of trash
<KevinDDR> yes he does
<Kitaru> rofl
<LauraChick> Oh so he doesn't literally bash gays
<LauraChick> like whack a mole style
<TWF> hahahaha
<Kitaru> hahaha
<LauraChick> I should make that game and put it in arcades in the South
<LauraChick> I'd make a fortune
<TWF> gaybasher?
<Kitaru> oh god :s
<LauraChick> Throw some black guys in there too
<KevinDDR> have arika develop it
<TWF> niggaybasher
<LauraChick> hahahaha
<Kitaru> hahaha oh god bad bad bad
<KevinDDR> it'd be so hard

<TWF>       []
<TWF> [][][]
<TWF> fuck!
<DeHackEd> hahaha

<TWF> exit
<TWF> wait hold on this isn't command prompt
<TWF> fuck

< ZNAKEEYE> you going to vancouver?
<@colour_thief> hah, vancouver is like 7 swedens away from my location

<@UMA> gha
<@UMA> somebody stole my bike
<@UMA> fucke me
< pineapple> no thanks
< pineapple> i know where you've been