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Tetris & Dr. Mario
Tetris & Dr. Mario boxart.jpg
North American cover art
  • NA: December 30, 1994
  • EU: July 27, 1995
Player's Choice
  • NA: 1998
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield sizeTetris
10 × 20
Dr. Mario
8 × 16
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropNo
Rotation systemTetris
Nintendo Rotation System
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario domino system with extra wall kicks
Tetris and Dr Mario title.png
Tetris and Dr Mario ingame.png

Tetris & Dr. Mario is a revamp of Tetris and Dr. Mario NES games for the Super Nintendo.

New features

  • Mixed Mode - each player plays a level of B-type Tetris, a level of Dr. Mario, and uses the remaining time to score points in A-type Tetris.
  • Tetris 2-player with garbage - based on the Game Boy version.
  • CPU opponents in both Tetris and Dr. Mario
  • Diagonal motion (soft drop + shift) in Tetris
  • More flexible wall kicks in Dr. Mario

In this revision, all of the DAS mechanics from NES Tetris were retained. However, other timings and behaviors were altered slightly. ARE is 25 frames, and line clear delay adds 26 frames. In addition to this change, there are also 12 frames at the start of active time during which gravity is not applied.