Minna no Soft Series: Tetris Advance

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Minna no Soft Series: Tetris Advance
Minna no soft series tetris advance box.jpg
Publisher(s)Success, THQ
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance
ReleaseDecember 28, 2003
Gameplay info
Next pieces1 or 6 (option)
Playfield size10 × 20
Hold pieceYes, including IHS
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemNearly SRS
(I buggy and lacking many wall kicks)
Minna no soft series tetris advance title.png
Minna no soft series tetris advance game.png

Tetris Advance (みんなのソフトシリーズ テトリス アドバンス) is an authentic Tetris game published only in Japan.


  • ARE is roughly half a second.
  • Hold piece allows switching during ARE, similar to IHS of TGM3.
  • All tetrominoes enter 1 block to the right of where they would ordinarily enter in SRS.
  • Rotation of I tetromino is buggy, with several wall kicks missing.
  • DAS is slow (22 frames delay, 6 frames repeat).
  • Gravity maxes out at what appears to be 1G, even once the expert player approaches 400 lines and becomes bored with the lack of the raw speed.
  • Line clear has no additional delay.
  • Endless, 2 minute, Challenge modes are present.
  • Options are present: disable ghost piece, disable hold, disable wall kick, disable infinity, disable animation, set preview size (1 or 6)
  • Mino (not locked) and playfield graphics strongly resemble those of the subsequent Tetris DS.
  • Music at level 5 resembles that of a Starman in Super Mario Bros. and Tetris DS.
  • Scoring is based on the Nintendo system, but with hard drop being 2 points per line. In addition, back-to-back tetrises get a 1.5× bonus (e.g. 1800 points instead of 1200 points on Level 0).

Challenge mode

In challenge mode, you have to accomplish those missions:

  1. 3 tetrises
  2. Bravo field clear, with infinite T pieces (see this for solution)
  3. Play 30 seconds in level 99
  4. Erase 100 lines
  5. Get 100,000 points
  6. Bravo field clear, within 10 pieces, with fixed sequence
  7. Reach level 9
  8. Erase 10 lines without any rotations
  9. 3 tetrises (level 99)
  10. Bravo field clear, with random pieces

Clearing challenge mode will unlock a bonus menu featuring Advance mode, a sound test and a theater option.

Advance mode

This mode will unlock after you complete all missions in challenge mode. The gravity is fixed at 20G. Though it is easier with infinity enabled, it becomes more difficult if you disable it.

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