Pokémon Tetris

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Pokémon Tetris
Pokemon Tetris boxart.jpg
Platform(s)Pokémon mini
ReleaseEU: March 15, 2002
JP: March 21, 2002
Gameplay info
Next pieces1
Playfield size10w × 18h (16h visible)
Hold pieceNo
Hard dropYes
Rotation systemrotation + reflection
Pokmeon tetris title.jpg
Pokemon tetris ingame.jpg

Pokémon Tetris[a] a Pokémon themed Tetris game for the Pokémon mini. It was only released in Japan and Europe. It was classified by the ESRB as E for Everyone under the title Pokémon Mini Shock Tetris, but was never released in North America. In addition to rotation, pieces can be reflected (L to J, S to Z, etc.) by shaking or hitting the Pokémon mini's built-in motion sensor.


The game consists of several variations of the main game of Tetris with varying levels of difficulty. This game allows the player to reflect pieces by shaking the Pokémon mini. In all one player and VS. games, a silhouette of a Pokémon will be shown on the right hand side of the screen; if the player can make a match of 4 or more lines, the Pokémon will be captured and added to the in-game Pokédex. The player has a limited number of pieces to capture the Pokémon before it is replaced by another one chosen at random, with rarer Pokémon disappearing after fewer pieces.



There are five difficulty settings in the game:


Only tetrominoes appear.


Pentominoes gradually start to appear along with tetrominoes as your level goes up.


Pentominoes will begin to appear more quickly (than Normal) as the level increases.


Pentominoes appear from the beginning along with tetrominoes. Hyper is unlocked by capturing 100 Pokémon.


Only pentominoes appear. Master is unlocked by capturing 200 Pokémon.

1-player mode


Endless mode. The player keeps playing until the screen fills up with bricks. Level increases every 8 lines. Can be played on all five difficulty settings.

20 Lines

This is a time attack mode timing how long it takes for the player to match 20 lines of bricks. Can only be played on Normal, Hyper, or Master difficulty. On Normal only Tetrominoes appear.


The player is timed to see how quickly they can clear one of every type of line combination, including one line (single), two lines (double), three lines (triple) and four lines (tetris). Can only be played on Normal, Hyper, or Master difficulty. On Normal only tetrominoes appear. On Hyper and Master, you must also clear five lines.

VS. mode

This mode requires both players to have a copy of the game each. Multiplayer games are the same as single player with the change that when a player makes a line match, the other player receives more lines on their screen. Can only be played on Normal, Hyper, or Master difficulty.


249 Pokémon from Generation I and Generation II can be captured in this game. In this mode, the player can see which Pokémon they have caught. The Pokédex also shows both the Pokémon's number and the quantity captured. Up to three kinds of picture of each Pokémon can be viewed. Rarer Pokémon appear at higher difficulties and some only appear in certain game modes.


Level Points for
1 line
Points for
2 lines
Points for
3 lines
Points for
4 lines
Points for
5 lines
1 10 20 40 120 500
2 20 40 80 240 1000
3 30 60 120 360 1500
10 100 200 400 1200 5000
n 10 * n 20 * n 40 * n 120 * n 500 * n

For each piece, the game also awards the number of points equal to the number of grid spaces that the player hard drops or continuously soft drops the piece. Unlike the points for lines, this does not increase per level.


  1. Known in Japan as: Pokémon Shock Tetris (ポケモンショックテトリス)

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